Long Distance Italian Genealogy Research

Long Distance Italian Genealogy Research

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by Shellee Morehead, PhD, CG

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Long Distance Italian Genealogy Research


Learn how to make the most of online Italian records, and learn methods for searching the unindexed, digital images to find your ancestors. With Italian ancestry, the most important genealogical fact that you need to get into records in Italy is the name of your ancestor’s hometown. Since many of us can’t get to Italy to visit our ancestral towns, gathering information about our ancestors from afar is the next best thing. With the name of your hometown in hand, a little luck, and a lot of patience, you can search Italian records from home, online at midnight in your pajamas. In this lecture, you'll discover some of the main genealogical record groups that are available online for Italian research.



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Presenter: Shellee Morehead, PhD, CG

Shellee Morehead, PhD, CG, has a Ph.D. in evolutionary ecology from the University of Utah and is an associate professor of Biology at the New England Institute of Technology. She was certified by BCG in 2012, and researches, writes and lectures on family history. 


Her specialties include Rhode Island, Italian, and French-Canadian research and genetic genealogy. She is an associate of the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG), a member of the Rhode Island Genealogical Society, American-French Genealogical Society, and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) New England Chapter.

Shellee Morehead, PhD, CG
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