Use MyHeritage Records to Quickly Discover and Write the Story of Your Ancestors

Devon Noel Lee
Oct 13, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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4m 47s
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Select an Ancestor
1m 19s
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Craft a basic sketch
2m 45s
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Create a timeline
2m 26s
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Turn timeline into sentences
7m 42s
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Cite your sources
3m 46s
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Yearbooks and Periodicals
4m 53s
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Newspapers and Directories
5m 03s
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Travel records
1m 32s
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Edit format and publish
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Questions / answers
13m 31s
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Announcements / prizes
1m 38s
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Questions / answers
10m 13s

About this webinar

By finding a wide range of genealogy records, you can discover the story that fills in the dash between birth and death dates. Then you can transform that information into an enjoyable story for your relatives to read. 

About the speaker

About the speaker

Devon Noel Lee specializes in preserving and sharing family memories and motivating budding genealogists. She has created and published 60 scrapbooks,  a memoir, two ancestor biographies, and six family history how-to books. Devon educates an
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    a Lot of goog tips and hints


    A ton of information. I’m eager to start my stories.

    Absolutely OUTSTANDING presenter and presentation !!!

    Amazing … just the thing I needed to get started! Thanks!

    Amazing webinar! I got the motivation to take the “dry” facts and make them into something enjoyable! Thank you, Devon!!!

    An extremely interesting webinar; one that reminds all of us to write, write, write!

    Another Outstanding Presentation. Devon make writing your story manageable. Not so scary.

    Awesome information, makes it doable!

    Brilliant webinar for giving ideas for writing up and publishing our families stories and histories.

    Devon is a great teacher.

    Devon is fun and interesting and adds to my knowledge base.

    Devon kept it simple and very encouraging for procrastinators.

    Devon knew her subject and was familiar with many sites to help us write our stories. She shared some of her experiences as well as giving us the steps to write our own stories. She was an excellent speaker and full of energy!! I truly enjoyed this webinar and feel that I now have the ability to know how to start writing my family stories. I’m no longer stuck and resisting that part of my genealogy. Thanks, Devon!! You are awesome!!

    Devon’s method is simple but efficient. Now I am motivated to get started. Thanks, Devon!

    Encouraging information. I’m going to write a few bio’s after seeing this webinar!

    Encouraging! One of her final statements really hit home – don’t keep looking for another ancestor but instead write the stories to get others interested. That’s what I have been trying to figure out – how to get someone else to want to know about the family so when I’m gone, they will know…

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    excellent ideas

    Excellent lecture today with Devon Noel Lee! She may get me to write someday!

    Excellent presentation. Well organized to make it easy to follow with so much more information available through the generous handout! Thank you.

    Excellent! Never thought I would write a book, but now considering it!


    Gave me the ideas of how to BEGN the process of turning info into something interesting to family. Thanks

    Good info, will review the handout and use in future work.

    Good information and links for us to use. Thanks!

    Good presentation focusing on a different aspect of genealogy.

    Good step-by-step on how to get started on this! Thanks.

    Great info – not too much to overwhelm a person. Devon gave me incentive to start writing!

    Great ideas for getting started.

    Great presentation!

    great presentation, great ideas and learned alot!

    great subject, thanks for the encouragement to keep at it

    great talk

    Great webinar! She was very engaging and knowledgeable. I loved learning her steps to writing a story. She made it sound very do-able. Then she gave us more resources to continue where she left off and not overwhelm us.

    Have always thought I didn’t have much info on my relatives. Devon showed me that I could write a little biography on them

    Her enthusiasm was contagious!

    I am no longer overwhelmed, and was interested in finding information in other resources other than the usual. Thank you.

    I do my books this way but with the exception I just continue the first chapter to the second

    I hate writing, but now I am inspired to write about several people, although none are ancestors, not even family. lol

    I have already picked out my subject.

    I have really struggled with writing. This seems a great way to get started. Devon’s enthusiasm was definitely contagious!

    I hope I can view this again.

    I learned more than I expected… I can try this.

    I missed the beginning but loved what I heard! Will listen to the replay and hope to write my own stories!

    I never thought about writing stories, but now want to start. I have facts organized in binders and have shared with relatives. They appreciate, but I don’t think it hits them like a story would. They would relate to our ancestors better. Thank you very much.
    I really liked her teaching style, her enthusiasm, and the information that she offered was well organized and soooooo informative!!!

    I was making notes like crazy. This is a wonderful way to actually use all the data we find, i.e. each Census adds more questions/answers. One area that is important is family health issues, and I plan to add the information I have such as Cancers and Auto-Immune illnesses.

    I was very grateful for Geoff‘s links to helpful sites in the chat as Devon’s presentation was travelling so fast, with many great ideas

    Inspiring me to try it!

    I’ve been wanting to write a history of my family but was daunted by the task but Devon made it seem simple and love the idea of writing about one ancestor at a time. Fantastic webinar.

    Lots of great information. Thanks for offering this webinar.

    love the info

    Loved Devon’s enthusiasm. Gave me lots of ideas. Lots of info in too short a time I think.

    Loved it! I want to write the stories, but am terrible at writing. Thanks.