Top 5 resources to expand your Spanish genealogical research

Daniel Smith-Ramos
Mar 18, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Civil Registry
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Municipal Archives
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Church Archives
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Emigration Records
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Spanish Archives Portal
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Genealogical research in Spain can pose a number of challenges for any researcher: there's the linguistic barrier, the lack of centralised records in Spain, a lack of understanding of how Spanish resources are organised and how they can be accessed. This webinar will explore the top 5 resources which any researcher, amateur or professional, will find essential if they want to take their research further, and start knocking down those Spanish brick walls!

About the speaker

About the speaker

Daniel Smith-Ramos is of very mixed background, being predominantly Spanish on his maternal side and Italian-American and English on his father’s side. Through his Twitter feed
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Brilliant webinar, a must watch again to access the rich content and information from this presentation.

    Daniel is an excellent speaker and certainly knows what is important. So Good, Please have him back again with more detailed presentation on Spain.

    Daniel was extremely knowledgeable!!!! Would love to hear more about Spanish Research from Him.

    Daniel was so very knowledgeable . Thank you!

    Daniel was very thorough in offering resources for more modern Spanish research, which may give me some cluse. I am, however, researching 18th century and hopefully earlier.

    Daniel’s presentation was outstanding. Wish he could be a regular presenter. Fabulous content.


    Excellent presentation and resources

    Excellent Presentation!

    Excellent presentation. Clear, understandable, easy to follow and very informative.

    Excellent presentor with loads of useful information! Thank you!

    Excellent speaker!

    Excellent webinar

    Excellent!! Precise! Interesting!! Great speaker! Thank you.


    Genealogy, History & Geography all in one webinar. Who could ask for any thing more. Thanks.

    Great content and presentation. Thanks for expanding the Legacy Webinars globally.

    Great introduction to resources for Spanish genealogy!

    Great overview and great introduction for an audience not that familiar with Spain. For those with a bit more familiarity, there were enough topics that this could easily be unpacked into a 3-part+ series.

    Great presentation by a very knowledgeable speaker! Worth having back or breaking it up so he is not rushed, e.g. vital statistics showing links to index of dioceses,, and perhaps labeling in Englis some of the records that he had colour boxed,

    Great webinar! One of the most valuable for me personally in researching my paternal grandfather’s family. Muchas Gracias!

    I do not have any Spanish ancestors that I know of but found this to be very informative and the speaker was very good.

    I have no specific Spanish background, that I know of, but interesting to learn what records and systems exist in other regions.

    love that it was about Spanish genealogy… a half of my family is from Spain. thank you!!!!


    Nice to learn more about Spanish sources!

    One of the best ever! Very specific information along with a history lesson on Spain. Need more webinars for those researching Hispanic heritage!

    The presentation was clear with many examples.

    This will help with my grandson’s paternal family.

    well presented; very knowledgeable – thank you!

    Wonderful webinar on doing Spanish research.

    Wow. the most informative history. I think I found some great trivia questions for game night, too.

    You must have again! He was wonderful!


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