The Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS): A Review

Shannon Green, CG, CGG
Jan 17, 2024
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About BCG
4m 55s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 38s
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Reasonably Exhaustive Research
10m 57s
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Source Citations
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Analysis & Correlation
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Resolve Conflicts
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Written Defense
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

How do you know when you have genealogical proof? You apply the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) to your completed research. The GPS is how genealogists test conclusions–whether it is your research or other people’s research. Recognize why meeting the GPS is essential and when it is appropriate. Learn about the five interdependent components of the GPS. Understanding the GPS and being able to apply it will hone your research skills.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Shannon Green, CG, is a genealogy researcher, writer, and educator. She started looking into her ancestry in 2010 and has been debunking family lore, overturning famil
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  1. HS
    Helen Schenkelaars
    5 months ago

    This was a great review and would serve as a brilliant introduction to the GPS for those who find the whole thing a bit scary. Shannon is always a superb, as usual, this was clear, concise and well paced with excellent examples and resources. Loved the reminder of reading all the sources used by other researchers in a location.

  2. DL
    Dana Leeds
    6 months ago

    Shannon gave an excellet presentation as always! One of my favorite tips was how she learned to excel in Connecticut research by reading the FOOTNOTES of 5 years of journals. Then she focused on being an expert in all of those sources. Great tip!

  3. DK
    Debbie Kerkes
    6 months ago

    I was impressed with the PowerPoint. Her presentation was swift and thorough, but not too fast for me to follow. The syllabus is wonderful, succinct and informative.

  4. CL
    Carolyn Lancaster
    6 months ago

    Shannon Green was extremely well organized for this webinar, She covered all the bases needed to begin doing more professional genealogy, a perfect segue into my “Do Over” project for 2024. I will revisit this webinar at least once more, as she went a bit fast for me, but she was covering a lot of ground in the time allotted. Thank you, Shannon.

  5. RB
    Rose Bonnell
    6 months ago

    Really enjoyed this review, and learning that the GPS continues to grow and change, becoming more refined, with more recent publications from BCG. The presenter, Shannon Green, CG, achieved thoroughness in a concise yet understandable way. Enjoyed the review so much, I plan to re-watch it and have already recommended it to others via text and email. Thank you!

  6. KD
    Kelly Dellinger
    6 months ago

    Very good webinar. Concise with good examples. Currently going through my family tree and validating sources. Shannon’s explanation of process shows that I’m on the right track.

  7. FK
    Fred Kunz
    6 months ago

    Well chosen material, excellent examples and very clear presentation. In my mind the material was invaluable.

  8. RM
    Rochelle Males
    6 months ago

    Fantastic! It was definitely time for me to have a review of the GPS and this was exactly what I needed. Thank you.


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