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The next Best of Elizabeth Shown Mills series webinar is on Friday (a members-only event). Learn more here. Become a member here.

Samoan genealogy (Gafa) retold

Andrew Reuben Peteru
Jun 9, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Samoan Perspectives
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Historical Context
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Cultural Protocol
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A Few Pointers
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

For small communities like Samoa, a tiny group of islands in Polynesia, genealogy is preserved and fiercely protected through oral tradition as they are intrinsically linked to land and chiefly titles. The validity of these genealogical narratives have not been immune to at least two waves of mass population loss that coincided with the arrival of Europeans, coupled with political interference towards colonisation. With today's advancement of technology, family historians can now access and salvage never seen before documents and photos, and decipher DNA tests and some of the findings are not supporting versions of traditional genealogy. How should Family Historians approach this sensitive subject?

About the speaker

About the speaker

Andrew Peteru is a Samoan who is researching his maternal Samoan and European ancestors and analysing historical documents, genealogical records and DNA matches. He is currently a PHD candidate at Auckland University.
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    2 years ago

    A fascinating and important presentation. So important to preserve our family information.

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information to help with Samoan family history.

    Excellent webinar. Thanks so much Andrew.


    I am SO glad I attended. He gave insights that I would never have thought of.

    It was a great presentation. It showed respect for traditions. It is good to see things from a perspective where a Genealogist and History Keeper is a … profession. There was so much good information in here that beginners like me will have to watch it at least twice. But to teach less would have been to miss out on how to show proper respect. Even those like me with no Samoan ancestors it was a good lesson to learn. Thank you.

    learned way more than I thought, very detailed, thank you

    Very enjoyable. Thank you

    very interesting

    Very interesting information about a subject that I knew nothing about. Thank you. And, thank you for the door prize as well.

    Very interesting!

    Wonderfully kind and thoughtful presentation