Proving Identity: Not Matching Names

Robyn Smith
Jan 12, 2023
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Beginning Advice
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Matilda Case Study
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James Holt Case Study
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Reason Prather Case Study
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About this webinar

Genealogy records are full of people living in the same place with the same name. How can you discern which one refers to your ancestor? We can’t rely on just names; we’ve got to prove identity. In this lecture, Robyn explains the concept and provides guidelines to ensure that we don’t confuse our ancestor with others in the community.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Robyn Smith has been researching her family and others for over 25 years. An engineer by day, Robyn applies those research and problem-solving skills to the field of genealogy. She specializes in Maryland, Court Records, African American and Slave
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  1. LH
    Louann Holmes
    3 weeks ago

    Very informative. Well-organized and useful tips.

  2. TB
    Tina Bierhalter
    4 weeks ago

    Thank you for an informative webinar on how to find the exact person in the exact place of family tree lineage. My husband and I both have numerous persons in our trees with the same name, first and last. And even a woman who married two different men with the exact name, who turned out to be cousins.

  3. GH
    Gail Helgeson
    4 weeks ago

    Great webinar! Such a thorough look at the process of sorting out and proving who is your actual ancestor. Robyn is an excellent speaker, engaging, quick moving and full of information and encouragement. Thank you!

  4. DC
    Donna Cary
    4 weeks ago

    A subject I don’t easily gravitate to in research because it creates too much comparative/contrast decisions to make in discerning who is who. But Ms. Smith was able to point out several incidences where the decision is easier when using her methods of writing it down before coming to a conclusion. I certainly learned a thing or two to help.

  5. MK
    MaryElla Kennedy
    4 weeks ago

    Enjoyed her prints showing how she came to conclusions, also suggesting putting maps with the information. Her tables were helpful. Totally a great webinar to help solve the problem of people with the same name. Mary Ella Kennedy

  6. JH
    Jackie Horvath
    4 weeks ago

    Good information and well presented. It was a helpful presentation.

  7. RT
    Rosalia Teran
    4 weeks ago

    Webinar very much appreciated! I have several ancestors with the identical names and the ages are within 5 years apart but I don’t know if it is the same person or not. I now have ideas on how to determine whether I should claim them as my own.

  8. MJ
    Marlene J. Ford
    4 weeks ago

    What a great webinar!!! I loved all the case studies, and all the information makes me want to view this one again and again! Thank you for answering my question. Looks like I’m going to have to get Ancestry Red Book, or at least buy some books on the states I’m researching, and to check out Robyn’s website! Thank you, Marian!!!


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