Photo Features on the MyHeritage Mobile App

Masha Novak
Jan 12, 2021
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1m 02s
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Speaker's Introduction
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1m 55s
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Uploading Photos
10m 27s
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Photo Storyteller
5m 03s
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MyHeritage in Color
7m 10s
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MyHeritage Photo Enhancer
7m 43s
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Announcements / prizes
4m 33s
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Questions / answers
31m 37s

About this webinar

The MyHeritage Mobile App makes building your family tree easier and more portable than ever. Learn about the new features MyHeritage added to the app that enhance your genealogy research on the go.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Masha is responsible for both the Android and iOS platforms of the MyHeritage mobile app. She leads a great team of developers, QA engineers, and a designer to create the best features and user experience for our users.
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    2 years ago

    It was very good; I liked the step by step.

    A good one, thanks

    A lot to learn. But it will be worth it


    clear detailed explanations

    easy to follow instructions

    Easy to follow. Very well presented. Thank you.

    Even though it was a beginner class, it was still very informative

    excellent presentation

    Excellent presentation. I am a My Heritage user but I haven’t done much out there. MH is part of my 2021 family history goals and these photo enhancement tools are the icing on the cake. The presenter did a great job; clear graphics and instructions!

    Hats off to the team!

    Excellent procedural

    excellent step by step instructions

    Excellent tool and I loved the step-by-step instructions.

    Excellent! Awesome new tools

    Excellent! I’m a beginner loading and using photos anywhere. I’m anxious to try some of this new info, then listen again to the webinar. Thank you.

    excited to fix some old photos–thank you My Heritage, Legacy Family Tree and Masha


    explaining how to use the app and all it does was very helpful


    Good content – I learned about features available on the app.

    Good helpful information!

    Good information! Thanks!

    Good presentatiom of useful photo features.

    Good walkthrough of features.

    great explanation of functions thanks

    Great information

    Great information

    Great Information using MyHeritage Mobile App! Pretty amazing photos.

    Great job

    Great one

    Great presentation

    Great presentation – loved the step-by-step instructions!

    Great presentation and explanation of each feature.

    Great presentation. I don’t use the mobile app very often because the screen is too small, but I use the desktop app nearly every day.

    Great step by step demo

    Great step by step information. Great presentation.

    Great step by step instructions. Cant wait to play with the new features!

    Great way to learn how to use the photo portion of the MyHeritage app. thank you!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    2 years ago

    I am a relatively new user to MyHeritage. These photo features are quite impressive. Thank you for the webinar to explain how they work.

    I am really surprised by the wonderful capabilities of the MyHeritage App. I’m eager to explore now. The step-by-step instructions were amazing!!

    I appreciate her clear, concise instructions. I will need to watch it several more times before the information sinks in, however. Amazing what can be done!! Thanks.

    I do not have a My Heritage account, so I will not be using the My Heritage Mobile App — but, if I ever do — This is a great Webinar to watch.

    I had not realized the webinar was mostly about the new photo features. I was expecting more about using the mobile app to do research and edit family trees. I haven’t used the new photo features from the website either, so the webinar was still interesting.

    I have many photos but have not added any to my family tree. It would be a shame to not include them and the webinar has made me realize that it’s not as difficult as I thought. The colorization and clearer imaging is terrific.

    I learned several things about the mobile app/ I have only used the desktop/web version until now.

    I liked that we could see the actual process

    I may have to order this

    I originally did not think that I would find the information of use as I do not use any apps for genealogy. But once I saw the enhanced photos, I can’t wait to see if I can enhance some old and fuzzy photos of my ancestors.

    I REALLY liked the step-by-step. Masha did a fine job. Very easy to follow.



    Interesting and informative. Thanks!

    Interesting topic.

    It’s been really helpful. That was good to see the app’s news.

    Learned about some interesting features.

    Looking forward to trying to use all these amazing features

    Love the feature that allows adding audio for each photo.

    Love the step by step process. Really helped to understand and the ability to rewatch.

    Masha is an excellent presenter

    Masha, Thank you! Very informative webinar but I will need to re-watch to grasp all that was presented.

    nice and clear

    Nuts and bolts. Very informative.

    She was a good speaker. Easy to understand. I loved the step by step approach she used. I hope she will come again!

    Step by step use was fabulous, but went too fast! Can’t wait to view it again!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    2 years ago

    Thank you

    Thank you for a good job!

    Thank you was very helpful

    Thank you, you released some very amazing features. The speaker Masha who went through them very well and explained step by step amazingly!

    Thanks very much for a very informative session. Happy New Year!

    The information was great, AND so many questions.

    The information was very good. Good information. Thanks

    The webinar was excellent! My first time, and it makes me want to register for all of them. Masha presented things clearly and logically, and the graphics were awesome. The little red boxes outlining the icons she was talking about really helped. Step-by-step was excellent. The only thing I would like to see changed is to have your two faces on the screen. If only your control panel had a feature to add your faces in the corner— just so we could see you. 🙂

    The webinar was very interesting.

    This was another excellent MyHeritage webinar. They always go into such great detail so that the directions are clear and my brain then can think up new ways to use the product and new questions to ask!

    This was incredibly helpful and exciting information.

    Title should have been all new PHOTO features.

    Very detailed presentation, helpful information

    Very good. But there is no myheritage app that will work on my kindle fire tablet. I have ancestry, and family search apps that work great that includes putting pictures on. Thank you, Peace.

    Very informative about what the app can do.

    Thank you

    Very informative thanks Keep updating myheritage, thanks

    Very informative. I liked the step by step explanations. She didn’t go too fast, but I feel I may need to go back to listen again to make sure I got it all.

    very organized, high quality. the webinar was excellent and I learned alot.

    webinar was good and informative. now I just need to put into action what I have learned

    Well done I really appreciated the step by step instructions.

    Well presented & easy to understand

    What a wonderful addition to the MyHeritage software!!! I really enjoyed the step-by-step instruction from Masha. She knows a lot about the software and its enhancements and was able to answer questions afterward. A great webinar!!


    Wow so much fun!

    WOW! Anxious to try. thank you.

    Wow!! – What an App! Beats the heck out of the competition!

    Good presentation!


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