Making the most of MyHeritage resources with the Help Center, Knowledge Base, and site settings

Daniel Horowitz
Feb 9, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Knowledge Base
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Help Center
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Looking to learn more about a specific feature, or have general questions about genealogy? MyHeritage has the answers! Genealogy Expert Daniel Horowitz will walk you through the MyHeritage Help Center, Knowledge Base, and site settings to show you all the different ways you can use these resources to further your research.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Genealogy Expert at MyHeritage, providing key contributions liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers and media, as well as lecturing, and attending conferences around the world. Dedicated to Genealogy since 1986, he was the teacher and the stud
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I’m going to be “studying” for weeks with all this new information!! SO much to learn and Daniel knows it all. He does an amazing job language-wise. Very informative! Can’t wait to try out the sites.

    A “hidden” part of my heritage finally revealed!

    a lot of good tips!

    All new news to me. Thanks a lot!

    Always informative!

    Always learn so much from Daniel!

    AN excellent tour of MyHeritage.

    As always Daniel had some wonderful info that was new to me on how to enrich my experience with My Heritage

    Because I class myself a “beginner” I found being able to download a great help and also the options and settings. I am now going to review my tree and correct a few entries because I do not go on very often.

    Brilliant information and webinar on how to extend my knowledge about exploring the My Heritage site. Will need to re-watch the webinar to gain the maximum knowledge from this session.

    Daniel always explains things so well.

    Daniel always gives great webinars!

    Daniel explained everything I should know but now I have to remember it. I did take notes.

    Daniel is always good, and fun to listen to!

    Daniel is always so informative!

    Daniel is very knowledgeable and explains things clearly.

    Daniel shared a lot of very useful information. Enjoyed the Webinar.

    Daniel’s webnars are the best

    Ditto to long-time users who are learning so much for the first time. Also a great way to introduce family members who are thinking about an on-line genealogy family tree to see what all is available from My Heritage!

    easy to follow and thorough

    Easy to follow speaker’s visuals, took time in moving from one location to another

    Excelent webinar thank you

    Excellent – Daniel is always a good speaker and going live this time was particularly helpful! Learned about many features new to me.

    Excellent – learned a lot – now need to explore

    Excellent information with no technical problems.

    Excellent information! Daniel is always terrific!

    Excellent knowledge base and thanks for showing so many different ways to get to it!!! I hadn’t used it before. I will now.

    Excellent presentation in all respects.

    Excellent Presenter. Excellent Presentation. Had no previous knowledge as to the “Knowledge Base” part of My Heritage. Thank you very much.


    Excellent webinar as usual. Thanks. I appreciate that the MyHeritage webinars are free indefinitely.

    Excellent webinar from Daniel.

    EXCELLENT webinar!! I never knew MyHeritage offered so much!! I plan to purchase a membership to reap all the wonderful benefits MyHeritage has to offer.

    Excellent webinar.

    Excellent! Kicking myself for not learning about all these wonderful resources of my complete plan subscription long ago! Thank you, Daniel!

    excellent, thank you!

    excellent, thank you!

    Excellent. Have used My Heritage for a while, but Daniel taught me some things I didn’t realize. Thank you!

    extremely informative

    fantastic I learned so much today. Can’t wait to start trying out everything

    Gave me a great run-down on a lot of info that I was not aware of. Thank you.

    good and knowledgeable presenter with practical examples. I liked the live look at the website during the presentation.

    Good info so I can better utilize the MH features.

    Good info!

    Good info. Need to check those settings!

    good information

    good information

    Good Information!

    Good information. Thanks for the explanation of the library subscriptions.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Good survey of what is available and how to access the resources. Thanks.

    Good to know more about the resources available – very useful


    Great information

    great information – learned sooo much today

    Great information…wish I had known sooner…but better late than never. Thanks so much

    Great insight provided.

    Great new info about My Heritage can offer me

    Great presentation & have once again learned lots.

    Great presentation!!!! I didn’t know anything about My Heritage – it has a lot to offer. I will take the time to visit the site and play around.

    Great presentation. Good step by step instructions. Saw a lot of new material today. Thanks

    Great webinar, I have My Heritage Complete and learned so much today!

    Great, I have also had My Heritage and I learned a lot today I didn’t know.


    I always enjoy Daniel’s webinars and I had the pleasure of meeting him in Washington, DC a couple of years ago.

    I always learn something new about MyHeritage’s website and/or genealogy in general, from webinars presented by Daniel Howorwitz.

    I am a new subscriber to My Heritage and I learned so much about it.

    I am more impressed with MyHeritage now than before and interested in utilizing it as a regular subscriber.

    I an New to MyHeritage & found the webinar Very Helpful! THANK YOU!

    I arrived late, but oh I am so glad I did arrive! Thank you!

    I did not know any of this information. Thank you very much.

    I do have a subscription to My Heritage, so I learned new ways to use it.

    Daniel went into areas where, I am guessing, many of us have never thought/bothered to venture. Made for an excellent webinar. And answers to question we never thought to ask…wonderful.

    I found out lots of new info. Thanks!

    I had no idea that all of this was available, I have been using My Heritage all wrong. Now I have a new project!!

    I had no idea there was so much available to learn on the site. Must get busy now.

    I have a My Heritage subscription as well as DNA test. I am amazed at the wealth of information I have been missing.

    I have been a subscriber to my heritage for several years but did not know about all of the features presented.

    I have had a supscription for about a month, and this talk has shown me how to do so much more! Thank you Daniel!

    I have some areas that I now know to explore.

    I haven’t been using MyHeritage as deeply as I should! Daniel Horowitz gave us a thorough lecture on how to use the various resources on MyHeritage. He is a great speaker. Thank you.

    I hope that I will be able to watch it again at my own pace so I may study the screens.

    I learned a bunch more about MyHeritage that I didn’t know. Such a great site! Thank you so much!

    I learned a little new tricks but I already knew most of information.

    I learned a lot of new things. Thank you

    I learned a lot, and will be going to my family tree to check the settings.

    I learned many new things about MyHeritage.

    I learned of resources and features on MyHeritage that I have not been using. This helped breathe life into my research and tree-building!

    I learnt so much. Thanks

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I like the format and how easy it is to follow. Thanks

    I listen to the Ask the Expert series Daniel does every Thursday but this in depth version is much better. A learned new things I didn’t know.

    I never realized there was a drop down for the Help on my Family Tree or how to change the settings.

    I really enjoyed the webinar. It was very educational for the My Heritage website.

    i tuned in late but will go to webinar site to hear what I missed. Unexpected things happened just prior so am happy I can catch up. Loved hearing about better ways to use My Heritage. It offers much more than I knew! Thank you

    I was hoping to learn how to make the most of My Heritage subscription and this webinar was a terrific beginning. Thank you, Daniel.

    I’m going to check out everything on the web site later today. Thanks for presenting this webinar.

    I’m determined to explore the MyHeritage site further and, hopefully, get more out of my membership. I’ve found it challenging. Thanks.

    It is always great to hear Daniel. Congrats

    It is so much fun to learn

    It was excellent! I did not know there was so much available on My Heritage!

    It was great that he told us what all is free.

    It’s good to see unfamiliar corners of the website!

    I’ve had a subscription to My Heritage for several years and these My Heritage webinars have all been really useful in getting the most out of my subscription. I have never taken advantage of any help, preferring to muddle along on my own. Silly me! Thanks for the help. I’ll be attending them all this year.

    Learn lots of new things

    learned a lot 🙂

    Learned a lot. Thank you very much.

    Learned a number of things I didn’t know about. Thanks

    learned new places to explore on the site.

    Learned new stuff. Thanks!

    Learned so much!

    Learned so much..thanks.

    Lots of “hidden” information.

    Lots of good info. Will definitely use the site more

    Lots of good information and tips. Thank you.

    Lots of great info.

    lots of info

    Lots of information!

    Lots of secret passages to better use the MyHeritage tree. Details on Settings was something I had forgotten about or never looked at.

    lots of useful information

    Lots of very helpful information. I enjoy My Heritage.

    Love theses webinars…there is so much to learn. This was a good introduction to MyHeritage.

    love this

    Many good tips so see what more I can learn about My Hertigage. Thnks.

    Most informative!

    never knew there was so much info available…..

    Nice to learn all that help is available and free to non-subscribers, although I am a subscriber

    Oh so much to learn. Great presentation

    Presentation was helpful & presenters knowledgeable & interesting. Thankyou!

    Prior to this webinar, I had no idea of how to use the information available. I liked the webinar explanation of the structure and all the different ways to access information. Also enjoyed the tour and features of accounts and family trees.

    Really good overview of the free aspects of the website. I will definitely take advantage by subscribing to the newsletter and blog to find out about new research and tips.

    Really interesting stuff. The people at My Heritage are so brilliant!

    So many things that I did not know but do now! Thank you, Daniel Horowitz!

    So much to take in!!!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Strong interconnections between the topics make this very easy to use.

    Thank you for all of the great information! I’ve had a membership for quite a while and wasn’t aware of the many options and resources that were available to me. This helped a lot!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    Thank you for the information. Yes, I will try to use myheritage!!

    Thank you so much, I learned a lot.

    Thank you so very much for making all the information understandable.

    Thank you very much for this excellent presentation. I’ve been a member for cpl years but Never in my wildest dreams realized you offered sooo much….will now get more serious about utilizing all that you offer!!!

    Thank you, Daniel . . . I now have to spend some time digging into the Knowledge base!

    Thank you, very informative. Have a good day & continue to be safe.

    Thank You. This was very helpful.


    Thanks for a very informative webinar!

    Thanks for telling about the FB Users Group

    The webinar was very informative regarding how to use educational materials provided my My Heritage. I look forward to trying it out.

    There was a lot of information given in just an hour. The presenter was very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. Most of this information was new to me and I also have used MyHeritage for quite a few years. Thank you so much.

    This gave insightful information into the various components and vast resources available. Thank for the information.

    This gave me new insights into the website as well as answering several questions I had. Thanks!

    This was a good introduction to My heritage.

    This was great. I learned so much about the site and definitely wasn’t using all it had to offer,

    This was outstanding! Very very helpful! Daniel and Geoff work together well. I am anxious to continue working on my genealogy

    This was very helpful. As a long time user of My Heritage, I learned a number of new things. Thank you.

    This will be my most favorite and most used MyHeritage webinar so far. The “how to learn MyHeritage” information was fantastic. Thank you to Daniel.

    Useful tips

    Very clear and easy to follow.

    very good

    Very good. I am looking forward to trying My Heritage.

    Very good. I have a lot of things to try.

    very helpful

    very helpful

    very helpful for me being unfamiliar and new to using My Heritage

    very helpful information

    Very helpful information. Like the person you mentioned, I have been a long-time subscriber to MH and I learned several things today. Thank you!

    Very helpful!

    Very helpful! Thank you!

    very helpful, even for moderate to power users of myheritage! thank you.

    Very helpful. I recently became a subscriber to My Heritage, but have not yet used it.

    Very informative Information I did not know was available. Makes me want to consider a paid subscription

    very informative and keeping us up to date

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Looking forward to researching in MyHeritage with our new subscription.

    very thorough and helpful

    Very thorough and helpful introduction to the resources.

    very useful

    Very useful information was provided by Daniel, thank you so much!!

    Very useful information. Thanks Daniel.

    Very well explained, and I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation! I will definitely explore now!

    Very well presented ! Thank you so much….

    Very-well presented, and I learned lots about the website that I hadn’t been aware of. Thank you.

    Well presented



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