Introduction to Vivid-Pix RESTORE

Rick Voight
Apr 22, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Demo of software
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Questions / answers
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Announcements / prizes
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About this webinar

Learn about patented artificial intelligence software that improves faded photos and documents.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Rick’s a lifelong snapshooter, who’s been in the imaging business for a few decades. “Rick, Randy, and a few excellent people” created Vivid-Pix 8 years ago to make it fast, easy and affordable for customers to get and shar
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A great presentation. A new way to preserve old photos. Thank you!

    A very informative overview to software with which I was not familiar; and very understandable answers to the many questions posed. Thank you.

    A very interesting product. Looks easy to use and fun.

    All informatiaon was great and very interesting. I like the fact that you can download a free trial without your credit card. $39.99 is a very reasonable price for purchase also.

    Already purchased today!

    Already use the software. Learned much more today…Metadata and Transcribe.

    Although I’ve used Vivid-Pix for some time there is always something to learn. Thank you.

    Always enjoy learning about products.

    Amazing product! Thanks for sharing.


    Awesome product. Great webinar.

    Awesome technology created by people who have decades of experience in the field. I intend to purchase the program. Great presentation. Thank you for bringing new genealogy help and ideas to us.

    Can’t wait to try Vivd Pix

    Clear information; very pleasant presenter. I am usually not a huge fan of ‘I have something to sell you’ webinars, but this is an interesting product and I am glad to know it is out there.

    Easy way to have photos documents improved in 1 click

    Even though I’ve been using Restore for years, I learned some new things.


    Excellent hands-on demonstrations. Completely convinced me how useful this software will prove. Thank you!

    Excellent information about a product I had never even heard of! Thanks.

    Excellent live presentation

    Excellent presentation about VIVID-PIX RESTORE! Loved it! Have lots of photos and documents to scan and now I will be better equipped to do such a large and daunting project! Many thanks!

    Excellent product.

    Excellent teacher and looking forward to trying to the software as best solution I’ve seen in years.

    Excellent topic

    Excellent webinar




    Fantastic webinar with lots of great information and instructions for using the Vivid-Pix software.

    Glad to know of software to restore my dark and faded old pics. Pics aren’t much good if I can’t see them clearly. Thanks

    Good information well presented.

    Good intro to VividPix!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Good overview. Thank you.

    Good presentation!

    Great a good tool to restore my old photos, Thanks for this info

    Great explanation of Vivid-Pix!

    Great information

    Great information. very educational

    Great introduction to Vivid-Pix, but I noticed some the slides lagging behind the speaker.

    Great overview of the product. I already own it, but now I know how to use it better.

    Great presentation by Rick Voight (Vivid-Pix RESTORE)! I used to be a photographer and used to develop my own negative films, and printed paper and slides. Now I understand a bit better how this program works. Thank you!

    great presentation will have to look at the software now

    Great product and great presentation. Explained it well.

    Great seminar; my screen was slow to change if that helps. Rick is such a nice person, I enjoy his seminars. What you see is what you get.

    Great software. Will be trying it out. Thanks.

    Great topic. I’ve been hearing VividPix mentioned a lot lately. This presentation gave me the information I needed. Thanks!

    Great topic–something I’ve been looking for for a long time–plan to purchase today.

    Great Webinar —

    Great webinar, easy to understand, very informative, thank you

    Great webinar. Been looking and considering this software for a while and now I have committed to using it. Downloaded and ready to use.

    Have seen it advertised before. Being retired I have to be careful of how much I buy. As someone else said, coupon code made me do it

    I absolutely love using Vivid-Pix. Rick demonstrated some features that I have not used. I appreciate the examples that he demonstrated. Great webinar.

    I bought RESTORE at a conference last year, but only installed it recently. Very timely webinar!

    I had never hear of this product. Thanks for the well-presented webinar. I learned a lot and am considering purchasing the soft ware. It appears to be easy to use and a great product. Thanks.

    I had seen an advertisement for this software a few weeks ago and then saw this webinar was available. This was very helpful and I am 90% sure I will be purchasing the software.

    I have been using Vivid-Pix RESTORE, but not as much as I am going to use it now!! I loved the helpful tips on Vivid-Pix RESTORE. Thank you so much for having this webinar.

    I have had Vivid-Pix Restore for a while but have not used it much. I am re-energized to begin again. Rick is a very good presenter and I enjoyed the webinar very much.

    I have the software but never remember to use much less know how to use it. This really helped.

    I have this software so now must get busy and use it.

    I lot of info was above my paygrade. I think I will still get the software.

    I own the software but this was a good overview and a reminder of what ii can do. I learned several new features. Thanks.

    I purchased and installed Vivid Pix before the webinar even had a chance to complete – I can’t wait to get started!

    I’m buying!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I’m so excited about this program, Vivid-Fix! I have so many images that need doctoring up and looks like this software will be the answer. I just ordered the program and am jazzed about getting started!

    Interesting, useful software. Keep the enhancements coming.

    It was a good demo of how to use Vivid Pix Restore which I had heard of before but haven’t used yet.

    It was a great webinar – I have seen several of Rick’s presentations, and they are good. I struggle with being too much of a newbie and some terms are over my head. If I have time, I jot them down with the situation and try to look them up later. It’s a steep learning curve for dinosaurs but well worth it.

    It was great. He was very organized and demonstrated everything the program can do. I’m buying it!

    It was very interesting. I have some very old pictures I would love to work on.

    It was wonderful to learn about the myriad of ways we can enhance treasured family images – the most important heirlooms of all. Thank you!

    I’ve had the software, but really didn’t know how to use it – thank you – want to try a few things.

    Looks like a great product.

    Looks like a great software to use

    Looks like I can use this a lot.

    Love that after one click you can still make adjustments. Definitely buying this.

    Love to learn about new software!

    Outstanding webinar. I purchased RESTORE a few weeks ago and love it. I can now utilize it more fully. Thank you so much for the information. Great presentation by Rick and Geoff.

    outstanding… I need to try this out. Thank you Geoff

    perfect summary of major components of the software.

    Picked up some good tips for working with Vivid-pix.

    Rick explains and demonstrates so very well!

    Rick gave a great overview of Vivid-Pix Restore. Showing the various features of the software and what each one did was extremely helpful. This software seems to be very user friendly.

    Rick was great! The live demo highlighted how simple the sw is to use, along with the choices it gives the user. Will definitely try it out. Look forward to having Rick come back for updates or tips & tricks classes.

    Rick was very knowledgeable and well-spoken. He covered a lot of information, explaining it in a way that was easy to understand. The audience’s questions were also very informative and helpful! What a nice way to spend my afternoon!! (Thanks, Geoff!)

    Rick went quickly but good content! Knowing the tutorials are available for more in depth learning is great. Good introduction to Restore.

    Rick: A very useful tool to create better image results for restoring, displaying and ultimately sharing the results of our genealogical research. Thank you!!!

    simple and direct. very nice. Thank you.

    So many ideas buzzing through my head after this topic!

    Super Great

    Super webinar! Rick is so clear in his instructions. Love the 1-click idea and would have never tired Vivid-Pix had I not heard Rick speak today. Thank you so much.

    Talk was so good I purchased the software even before he was finished

    Terrific presentation. Well explained and understood.

    Thank you!

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Vivid-Pix Restore should be a genealogist’s best friend when it comes to making photos and documents stand out in research and final presentations. It was not in my toolbox but is now!


    the best

    The product demo was very good, helpful advise was provided to questions about how to do things (like invert) beyond this programs function. Focused, pleasant, and to the point.

    These webinars are getting better and better.

    This program is just what I have been looking for! I recently took a lot of photos of family gatherings at a funeral. They were all back lit. Now I can fix all of them! Wow! Vividpics is a valuable tool! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    This was a great webinar! It was easy to understand, and the Vivid Pix Restore looks like it will be fun to use, and great for preserving a better image of our old photos. Thank you.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    This was a wonderful webinar! I will need to listen again, since I missed some of it. Thank you!

    This was very helpful. It sounds like a very good product. I am glad I was here. Thanks

    This webinar was excellent – he explained the steps to take very well. Thank you for offering this.

    Very clear instructions. I’m inclined to try Vivid-Pix now

    Very easy to understand. Thank you.

    Very good, although some of it went over my head. I will purchase the product, and watch the tutorials! Thanks!

    Very helpful information about using the product

    Very helpful!

    Very helpful. A little too much corporate talk at the beginning, but didn’t take away from his product or the help it provided. I bought it previously, but haven’t used it much… do like the new features plus this demonstration has encouraged me to use it more regularly. I use the editing features in Windows and photoshop apps.

    Very helpful. Will purchase the software.

    Very helpful. Thanks so much.

    very imformative and enjoyable!

    Very informative

    Very informative and awesome product.

    Very informative, I would love to give it a try with the free trial.

    Very informative.

    Very informative. I have Vivid-Pix and enjoy it.

    Very informative. Information was very useful. I plan to purchase the product

    Very interesting and useful product. I must add this to my wish list.

    very interesting I was not aware of this software.

    Very interesting software. I think I will give it a try. Thank you.

    Very interesting subject. Glad I was able to attend.

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting. Thank you!

    Very motivating

    Very well presented by the narrator and Rick Voight.

    Vivid-Pix Restore is the bomb! Rick was informative & I Love the Product!

    Webinar well done. Good information and well presented.


    Wonderful! I am quite impressed!!!

    Would love to see a Vivid_Pix for Mac webinar!

    WOW — excellent. Can’t wait to gather up my photos and other stuff to work this program!!

    WOW! I have not heard of Vivid-Pix before and wasn’t too excited about listening. I’m so glad I did and now I want the program. Thank you! : )