Hidden Roots in Your DNA: Adoptee Success & Surprise Discoveries

Richard Hill
Sep 15, 2023
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Autosomal DNA Tests
9m 48s
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How Much DNA in Common?
9m 19s
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DNA Testing Strategy
4m 51s
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3rd Party Tools
7m 09s
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Announcements / prize
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Learn how adoptees and others find biological parents and siblings through DNA testing. Review the case that started it all and see today’s recommended strategies. View examples of surprise discoveries and see the tools used to identify relationships.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Richard Hill was the first adoptee to identify his birth family through genetic genealogy DNA tests. He shared his story in an award-winning book, “Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA.” He has founded two websites o
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  1. BD
    Bob Davis
    8 months ago

    This month (thru Sep 30), FamilyTree Webinars is offering all month several new webinars for free viewing before going behind their paywall. (However, their paywall is only $50/yr, and they have over 2,000 webinars with associated syllabuses in their library, over 250 of which relate to DNA – a bargain.)
    I just watched this one by Richard Hill. Richard’s impetus was finding his own biological parents. However, this presentation is a great seminar useful for anyone trying to learn about DNA testing. He is slow and methodical and has a well laid out presentation on one topic leading naturally to the next. This is absolutely the best presentation I have seen for any person new to DNA testing and is NOT just limited to adoptees searching for their birth parents.
    If you have either avoided learning about DNA because of the steep learning curve or would just like to see a very organized presentation of how all the testing fits together and where it can help, this is a great webinar to watch.

  2. VK
    Valerie Kruse
    8 months ago

    It was great, so bad I miss it.

  3. MC
    Maria Capaldi
    8 months ago

    I think that adoptees will get some great information from Richard, thank you!

  4. ZU
    Zina Urrutia
    8 months ago

    I love the webinars because I am new to genealogy and they are really helping me to understand what I need to do to locate my family members.

  5. PM
    Patricia Melvin
    8 months ago

    Good speaker Clear and precise

  6. KD
    8 months ago

    For a newbie to DNA, this webinar was very informative and easy to follow. Thank you.

  7. BB
    bert baert
    8 months ago

    A good webinar consists of many elements, such as an excellent knowledge of the matter, educational skills, understandable common language, low speed of speech, good slides, a good syllabus, and many others. Richard meets all criteria. Well done. An example for many others that meet only some, …

  8. JA
    Jane A Miller
    8 months ago

    Very interesting. I appreciate that he spoke in layman’s terms. I understood it all! Thanks.


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