Genealogy for Beginners: Start Your Online Family Tree

Daniel Horowitz
Jan 16, 2018
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How Should You Do It?
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About this webinar

Learn how to start your family history research. This introduction will cover how to build a family tree online with MyHeritage, the basics of how to find information for your tree, which information to include, and best practices for recording and sharing it.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Genealogy Expert at MyHeritage, providing key contributions liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers and media, as well as lecturing, and attending conferences around the world. Dedicated to Genealogy since 1986, he was the teacher and the stud
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A very well done introduction to My Heritage. Thank you.

    Absolutely terrific! Enjoyed it very much!

    After wandering thru My Heritage last night today’s presentation is SUPER . Thanks for your clear presentation of the basics.

    Another very informative session – will be rewatching this one for sure

    As a new subscriber to My Heritage, I found this webinar to be very helpful. It answered so many questions that I had. Thank you so much!

    As a new user of MyHeritage it gave me great info to start my tree on the site. Going to watch the recorded session again. Great job!!!!

    As I watched this webinar, it seemed that some interesting features of the MyHeritage program are not in the Legacy 9.0 software, and vice versa. Maybe I am just not aware of all that is available in either package. It would be interesting to see a webinar comparing the features of the programs.

    Daniel explained everything with the greatest clarity and all very easy to understand.

    Demonstrations from Daniel with interaction from Geoff was very helpful

    Excellent as usual. Really got a good handle on MyHeritage since I have an annual plan and know little about the site. Thanks

    Excellent overview of My Heritage

    Excellent presentation even for non novices. Very useful and at a good pace that allowed for note taking as needed.

    Excellent. Even for ‘Old Timers’. I have already introduced My Heritage to others. Thank you.


    Fabulous, logically presented description of MyHeritage. The presenter is patient and thorough, much appreciated. Looking forward to more in this series.

    Fantastic webinar which will help me post my family tree on My Heritage.

    Good information on how to use the site – looking forward to more webinars in this series.

    Good overview of My Heritage. Liked the Q & A, which went beyond the beginner topic, such as DNA.

    Good overview of MyHeritage even for someone not a beginner in doing genealogy.

    Great information for those of us who just started our accounts with My Heritage and were not sure how to use it and get our existing tree data imported over. Thank you so much for this informative session

    Great intro to My Heritage and building a tree on the site. Looking forward to learning more of what the site offers!

    Great overview! I started genealogy research over 40 years ago and I am totally impressed by the additional fields available to chart my history. Thanks for the webinar and I look forward to many more.

    I am a beginner genealogist and found the info very helpful.

    I have subscribed to MyHeritage and am so happy to get training on how to use it. Inspired to act! Thank you.

    I’m already a MyHeritage premium user. However, I picked up a few tips that were previously unknown to me.

    I’m not a beginning genealogist, but I knew nothing about MyHeritage. It was a great seminar!

    It was inspirational and informative – thank you 🙂

    Learned a lot; particularly about citing sources, sharing trees and the MyHeritage website itself. Very informative and I’m glad I was able to attend.

    My first Heritage Webinar and I thought is was very worthwhile. Looking forward to future webinars on using Legacy 8

    One of the best webinar’s to which I’ve listened, clear explanations of certain information that is not necessarily intuitive when using the software. I am SO HAPPY that am able to use this on my Mac and your explanations and examples were VERY helpful. I’m excited to get started with the program!! Thank you

    One, if not THE, best presentations of a product. I learned so much, Thank you David & Geoff!

    Presentation really showed me more ways that I can use MyHeritage!

    Presentation, well organized with good pacing. Inspired to start my own tree. Thanks!

    Seminar was presented in a clear, concise manner. Very helpful.

    Thank you for the syllabus – a very helpful adjunct. I was looking for a really informative explanation as to how the online MyHeritage tree looks and works and received it. Thanks, again.

    The detail to start writing and then publish info was great

    The webinar was professionally administered and the information was accurate and will aide in my updating MyHeritage to a level that will be of benefit to current and future generations. Superb presentation!!

    This in only the second webinar I have watched, the first with My Heritage. I really enjoyed it. Have been a member for a few years, but even though this was a Beginners Session I learnt a lot, information which will certainty help me. The voices of both presentators was easy to listen to, which does help.

    This was very enjoyable – Daniel was a very knowledgeable & interesting presenter & I liked the humour he injected too! I have been using MyHeritage for about a year, but I definitely learned things & it gave me incentive to add more facts to people. Thank you!

    Very good. I am recommending to a friend just starting in genealogy.. I have had a tree on MyHeritage for a few years and still learned things today.


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