Four Keys to Creating Complete and Accurate Transcriptions (and Why You Should)

Shannon Green, CG
Sep 30, 2022
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4m 19s
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3m 47s
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Why Transcribe?
2m 14s
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Key 1 Transcribe Exactly
6m 40s
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Key 2 Take Time
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Genealogy Standards
7m 33s
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Key 3 Square Brackets
16m 39s
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Dates & Numbers
5m 32s
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1m 21s
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Key 4 Use Tools
6m 28s

About this webinar

Have you ever relied on one of those published genealogies from the 1800s? A case study will be presented where incomplete and incorrect transcriptions for a single family led to published genealogies containing such errors as extra children, missing children, questionable ages, and impossible dates, including a death date more than 70 years too early! Learn the keys to creating transcriptions that are complete and accurate, so you don’t accidentally add more confusion to your family genealogy.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Shannon Green, CG, is a genealogy researcher, writer, and educator. She started looking into her ancestry in 2010 and has been debunking family lore, overturning famil
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  1. MC
    Mary Clement Douglass
    2 years ago

    Thank you for a very thoughtful and useful webinar. I came late to using computers. I wish I had learned how to do presentations. You do it so well.
    Mary Clement Douglass
    Salina, KS

  2. KC
    Ken Cooper
    2 years ago

    A good job of supporting the benefits of using transcriptions and providing “how to” examples. I am sure I will find the knowledge useful.


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