Every Day Life of Our Ancestors

Ann Staley, CG, CGL
Nov 20, 2018
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Find Historical Context
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About this webinar

Our ancestors led lives, just like us – only different. Using our life as an example, how can we parallel it to theirs? They ate and drank, married and had families, dressed, had trades and occupations, practiced a religion, dabbled in the arts and sciences, participated in politics and economics, etc. This lecture will examine the various aspects of life and provide resources to discover the historical context and personal details of our ancestors' lives.

About the speaker

About the speaker

C. Ann Staley, CG®, CGL(SM), is an educator, consultant, and lecturer. She is the Education Chair for the Jacksonville Genealogical Society, Inc.; Membership Chair for the Genealogical Speakers Guild; on the faculty of The International Institute
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    All the resources and ideas to think about. Just figure out how to be able to be as specific with my huge family. Though I have decided to “do over” with my tree, as I have been doing this for 20 years and didn’t verify things. I am excited about my new Legacy software. Excellent talk!

    Along with other ideas to “flesh out” our ancestors, the speaker showed us how otherwise mundane information like the weather can enhance our ancestors’ stories and paint more complete pictures.

    Amazing all the ways to look at our ancestors beyond dates and places. Makes them seem like real people we kind of know. Certainly broadens the search for genealogical information.

    Ann gave a very insightful and informative presentation. Her enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. So well prepared.

    Ann is one of the very best presenters that I have heard. Kudos! So much information, and a great handout.

    Ann Stanley has a great delivery and is very knowledgable

    Ann was such a great presenter


    Awesome Amount of Research Information

    Engaging style and very helpful

    Enjoyed the southern flavor!


    Excellent information and ideas for research

    Excellent leads

    Excellent presentation and super handout! Lots of unknown sources.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presenter. Good material, very enjoyable to listen to.

    Excellent resources provided

    Excellent webinar, lots of new ideas, fashion fun and weather.

    Excellent webinar. So many new resources to check out


    Extremely informative. This was an exceptional webinar–listened to 30+. Her handout was also great. Hope you bring her back to do other webinars.

    Fabulous presentation and list of resources.

    Fantastic! Learned a lot and now have many more places to check.

    Fascinating seminar

    Great abundance of links!

    Great class and resources. Thank you!

    Great handout – made it easier to listen to the explanations w/o having to take extensive notes.

    Great handout and ideas for further research.

    Great ideas to help put ourselves in our ancestors time.

    Great info.

    great info–I will be checking some of the websites

    Great job, Ann!!

    Great leads for studying the lives of my ancestors! Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Great resources for research. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Great resources!

    I find it almost always helpful to get out of my own reference points, task-list (which of course includes barriers, problems, or just unknown info.) and hear the info. and viewpoints from a professional. Thanks so very much to LFT – Geoff – for your dedication and resourcefulness! Best $49.00 I spend on my passion – each and every year!

    I liked the webinar on the everyday life of our ancestors.

    I particularly liked Ann spelling out the questions that she was prompted to ask by the information that she found.

    I really appreciate Ann’s suggestion about historical and geographical context. I can see there is a lot of work to do to really undertstand the lives of the people I am researching. Thanks!

    I was pleased to hear about the resources she told us about.

    I will be using a lot of these ideas!

    In Cooperstown, NY Otsego county, there is the Fenimore Art Museum, but the Library is a collection of Historical and Genealogical materials as well. I know because I just worked with them transcribing a Diary and submitted two other pieces of information on CD about other family materials including the Diary of My maternal Great Grandmother. That Library does publish a list of holdings online.

    Informative, enjoyable to listen to, and a great example of how to present well.

    Inspiring webinar! Ms. Staley is generous, articulate and engaging. Wonderful presentation. Thank you.

    It was so packed with great ideas and places to look for information; opened many new avenues to research. I just want to stay at my desk for a week and check it all out!! Really appreciate what Ann has presented tonight. I look forward to listening in again soon. Thanks again!!

    Lots of daily happenings that I hadn’t thought about looking up.

    Lots of good ideas and resources! Thank you!

    Lots of good information to explore! Thanks!

    Lots of good leads.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Lots of great ideas for sources.

    Lots of great ideas! Now I’m off to look up the weather on significant dates in my ancestor’s lives.

    Lots of great info. Learning about my ancestors’ daily lives is an important part of research for me, and Ann did a wonderful job giving us places to find such info and showing examples. I loved every minute of this webinar! Thank you!

    Love the way she tied the slides information to her syllabus by using a numbering system.

    Love topics about social history and always make me think of new avenues to search.

    My head will explode 🙂

    Nice range of avenues to pursue and sources to use.

    Really useful information and presented very well!

    Several new resources were mentioned, and I will be checking them out looking for those elusive ancesters. Thank you !!

    She gave so many resources & ideas that I had never thought of!

    So many sites to check out! Thank you very much!

    so many sources I would never have thought of

    So many useful links! And I finally used the card catalog on Ancestry after I saw/heard this!

    Superb webinar! I learned so much that will help my research.

    thank you for providing the list of website links. This was a truly informative webinar.

    Thanks – good ideas presented. The only thing I can think of to add is that one needs to pick a favourite ancestor to make the search come alive. Thanks again.

    The speaker cited a number of useful sources to bring context to a genealogical study.

    There are things in this webinar I had never really thought of until tonight! Great…thank you!!

    There were so many interesting ideas for researching…I never thought of many of these things. The different types of timelines never came to mind either. I only had one type in mind which I visualized as being very complicated and crowded. Other styles offer different ways to store all the information you could possibly want. Thank you

    This should be a 10…not a 5!!! This was fantastic. What a wonderful, useful handout! So well organized. I can’t wait to begin test-driving a lot of the links. Thank you so much for this webinar.

    This was a fun webinar – very interesting and a great handout of resources.

    This was very interesting and informative. I love all the links to resources to help me research more about my ancestor’s life.

    Thought this webinar was EXCELLENT, but it went too FAST! What a QUICK hour! Will listen to/watch again! Can’t wait to review the syllabus that I downloaded just minutes before webinar started!

    Tremendous! I learned so much!

    Ultra comprehensive and insightful!

    Unbelievable number of resources provided! Will watch for more presentations from her. Thank you

    Very helpful handout.

    Very interesting

    Very interesting and lots to think about.

    Very interesting. Well presented. I am “On The Clock” working toward certification.

    Very pleased. Some of this info I knew, but this gave me some new resources to turn to. I have the scaffolding for many of my lines but I want to flesh out their lives. This is exciting, just what I need. And I know this will make me a better genealogical researcher and writer, something that I am aiming for.

    very useful information

    Very Very interesting, a exceedingly good speaker and mounds of information.

    Well, thought-out & planned webinar. Ms. Staley provided outstanding resources for family historians & genealogists at all level to discover the everyday lives of their ancestors.

    What a fabulous webinar! Chock a block full of info — thank you SO much Ann Staley! You’ve revved up the think-it-through process in me!

    what a fun, enthusiastic speaker

    Wonderful detail and thanks for the very useful handout.

    Wonderful! Thanks!



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