Essential Keyboard Shortcuts and other PC Tech Tools for Genealogy

Peggy Jude
Jan 24, 2024
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Play. Playing.
2m 03s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 56s
Play. Playing.
11m 07s
Play. Playing.
Text Shortcuts
9m 18s
Play. Playing.
File and Folder
4m 53s
Play. Playing.
8m 46s
Play. Playing.
Websites and Software
5m 17s
Play. Playing.
5m 26s
Play. Playing.
Text Expanders
4m 49s
Play. Playing.
Alternative Keyboards
4m 00s
Play. Playing.
Tab Consolidators
5m 01s
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Announcements / prizes
4m 31s
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Questions / answers
15m 40s

About this webinar

By integrating keyboard shortcuts into their routine, genealogists can enhance their research proficiency, minimize manual tasks, and dedicate more time to the core of their work: uncovering and preserving family histories.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Peggy Jude is a speaker, educator and researcher who has been conducting genealogical research for over 40 years. She specializes and teaches in five areas of genealogical interest: DNA, Genealogical Technology, Preserving Family History and Famil
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  1. LM
    Linda McCracken
    5 months ago

    I have only seen the handout so far and I’m already impressed! Can’t wait to watch the video now. Thank you, Peggy!

  2. JS
    Jeanette Shepherd
    6 months ago

    Really interesting and helpful. I already use some shortcut keys and will add a lot of these to my shortcut vocabulary

  3. SC
    Suzanne Chalifoux
    6 months ago

    Thank you so much! I learned a lot! Can’t wait to start using all these! And your example with genealogy was very useful! 😉

  4. MW
    Mary Wilson
    6 months ago

    This was an amazing and useful webinar. So anxious to use some I never knew anything about, like Tab consolidator! Thank you so much

  5. MC
    Marie Craig
    6 months ago

    WordPerfect software, 25 years ago, had text expander ability. I had all sorts of short forms.

  6. JF
    Judy Freed
    6 months ago

    Thanks SO much for this webinar. I loved the learning – especially inserting a hyperlink and how to organized the bookmarks, and controling font size. I appreciated seeing it done “live” at the end also. Thanks again.

  7. HS
    Helen Sellin
    6 months ago

    Superb. Reminded me I has a Swedish keyboard installed that I had forgotten to use! Wonder if works for email, genealogy sites etc.

  8. KB
    Karin Branaman
    6 months ago

    Very informative and I learned a lot of new ways to use the keyboard for shortcuts!!!!!