Efficient Genealogy: Streamline Your Research with TextExpander

Christine E. Neumann

Are you a dedicated genealogist seeking ways to optimize your research process? Join us for an enlightening webinar, “Efficient Genealogy: Streamline Your Research with TextExpander!” In this one-hour session, we’ll delve into the powerful capabilities of TextExpander and how it can revolutionize your genealogy workflow. Imagine effortlessly creating perfectly formatted citations, enhancing the quality of your research logs, and drastically reducing the time you spend typing. As a professional genealogist, Christine will guide you through hands-on demonstrations, showcasing how you can create citation templates and text snippets with TextExpander that can save you hours while improving the precision of your work. Whether you’re an experienced researcher or just starting your genealogy journey, this webinar is your gateway to a more efficient and rewarding genealogy experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your research process and make the most of your valuable time. Join us and discover how TextExpander can truly transform the way you approach genealogy!

Wed, September 4 2024: 2:00 UTC

About the speaker

About the speaker

Christine E. Neumann is a professional forensic genealogist and owner of Discovering Connections LLC, a forensic genealogical research company based out of Apison, Tennessee. She specializes in missing and unknown heir research, primarily for prob
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