Consult via…Explore with…Discover through…Literature Reviews (a 2022 Reisinger lecture)

Jan Joyce, CG, CGL
Oct 7, 2022
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8m 59s
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Define Topic
5m 16s
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Create Keywords
3m 35s
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Identify Resources
4m 21s
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Consult, Explore, Discover
1m 38s
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Case Study
8m 17s
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15m 20s
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Questions / answers
2m 38s

About this webinar

What if you could consult with genealogical experts each time your work slows? Together you could explore options for new paths of discovery. The right approach to a literature review allows you to do that. Other experts have encountered the same challenges that you do, and they have written about them even if not overtly. These challenges could range from beginning work in a new geography to parrying with a difficult brick wall. Learn how to conduct a targeted literature review, cull the information you need, and advance your research. A case study on the use of the FAN Club will highlight the methodology.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Jan is a genealogy researcher whose personal work has focused on Ohio, Pennsylvania, England and Norway. She began researching in 1998 to understand genealogy customers when she managed the marketing initiatives at Before beginning
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  1. SC
    Stacey Cummings
    6 months ago

    Wow! Part way through I realized I do this but it’s chaotic. This is teaching a methodical approach. The results will be more efficient and more likely to advance the research. Thank you.

  2. KB
    Kay Bauman
    2 years ago

    Great presentation! Excellent reminders, steps and tips. Thank you.

  3. JH
    Jane Harmon
    2 years ago

    What an excellent experience. From the presentation, the handout, form included, to the audience participation, it was wonderful! I only wish that participants’ wonderful answers were available in the chat, Geoff.

  4. AW
    Allison Willis
    2 years ago

    I enjoyed it and learned new ways of searching for things, Excellent Webinar!!

  5. KR
    Karen Ricks
    2 years ago

    An interesting way to enhance my research education and take advantage of the knowledge of Family History research gurus.

  6. LC
    Lesley Cafarelli
    2 years ago

    This terrific presentation has really stretched my mind about ways to find resources for and additional approaches to my most challenging research questions. I support the need for much fuller search capabilities in the NGSQ and other publications and resources.

  7. CH
    Cynthia Heidorn
    2 years ago

    Excellent interactive presentation with a fresh approach to learning methodologies for solving genealogical brick walls. A process for identifying keywords and searching in professional journals for examples that illustrate solutions to similar problems.

  8. MC
    Maria Capaldi
    2 years ago

    Need to bookmark this one, Excellent!


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