Anita Wills

Ms. Wills was born and raised in Pennsylvania and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a writer and Author of six books: Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color (including Revised Edition), Pieces of the Quilt: the Mosaic of An African American Family, Black Minqua: the Life and Times of Henry Green, A Nation of Flaws: Justus in the Homeland, Along the Rappahannock Homeland of the Nanzatico Indian Nation. With over 30 years of researching and Documenting her own Native/Afro/Euro lines, Ms. Wills began writing and speaking about her findings. She was a genealogy researcher for for several years. She is a speaker and her first book, Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color is featured on C-Spans book site (September 2005). Her focus is on Free Persons of Color and the North Eastern Woodland Indians (Algounquin, Iroquois, Susquehanna). She is a member of the Monacan Indian Nation which is located in Amherst County Virginia. She is connected to the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War ancestors. She has written numerous articles for Dickenson College and other outlets including Her blog on the Underground Railroad is included in curriculum for High Schoolers in Black History 365.

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