Introducing MyHeritage DNA

Introducing MyHeritage DNA

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by Dana Drutman, Yoav Naveh

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Introducing MyHeritage DNA


In this webinar, Yoav and Dana will present an overview of MyHeritage DNA, including a background to DNA, how to take the MyHeritage DNA test (or upload raw DNA data files), understanding your ethnicity breakdown results and your DNA matches.


MyHeritage DNA tests can be ordered here.


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Presenter: Dana Drutman

Dana Drutman, Product Manager at MyHeritage, is responsible for the billing team, leading a dedicated agile team of programmers and QA engineers working closely with UX/UI Designers. Dana has a mix of analytical, creative and business abilities, working with people across multiple disciplines.

Dana Drutman
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Presenter: Yoav Naveh

Yoav is in charge of defining and leading MyHeritage’s DNA products and business initiatives. In addition to this, Yoav manages the DNA science team, which is responsible for all DNA related algorithms behind the suite of MyHeritage DNA products. Before this role, Yoav led the MyHeritage QA team and was in charge of developing automations and perfecting manual-based QA. Previously, Yoav was a research assistant at Prof. Eran Meshorer's stem cell lab, where he worked hands-on with synthetic biology, including PCR and Cloning. Yoav holds a B.Sc. cum laude in Chemistry and Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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