Black Sheep Ancestors and Their Records

Black Sheep Ancestors and Their Records


by Ann Staley, CG, CGL

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Black Sheep Ancestors and Their Records


Let's just admit it - we all have them! So, let's use the records they created to our benefit - and what wonderful records they left. We will discuss defining your story, developing a research plan to prove it, and identifying resources. We will travel through the world of court records, records of the insane, prison records, and more.


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Presenter: Ann Staley, CG, CGL

Ann Staley, CG, CGL, is an educator, consultant, and co-leader of Ann-Mar Genealogy Trips. She is on the faculty of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies; the Education Chair of the Jacksonville Genealogical Society, Inc.; Vice President of the Genealogical Speakers Guild; and Trustee of the Florida State Genealogical Society. Ann has authored several articles for the NGS Magazine and is the co-author of the NGS Research in the States Series-Florida. Her specialties are Methodology, Research Sources, Computer Resources, Vital Records and their Sources, and Conference Planning.

Ann Staley, CG, CGL