Ephemera - Genealogy Gold

Ephemera - Genealogy Gold


by Sharon S Atkins

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Ephemera - Genealogy Gold


Discover the wonderful world of ephemera (records designed for short term use - such as diaries, postcards, letters and newspaper articles) for genealogy research. Learn how these records enhance our understanding of ancestors in the context of time and place.


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Presenter: Sharon S Atkins

An avid genealogist since 1980, Sharon is passionate about genealogy research and sharing the excitement of the pursuit of family history with others to help them find "their personal connection to history." Sharon launched her genealogy business; It's All Relatives in 2012, after retiring from a life-time career in sales and marketing. She is a popular speaker and teacher of "how to" genealogy classes who thrives on sharing the excitement of genealogy, coaching other family history researchers and performing genealogy research for clients. In addition to authoring the newly released book, The P.E.O. Founders' Scrapbook, Sharon has authored Legacy QuickGuides: Unraveling Brick Wall Mysteries, Cemetery ResearchUnderstanding US Vital Records and Ephemera: Genealogy Gold.

Sharon S Atkins