Digging Deeper in German Parish Records

Digging Deeper in German Parish Records

by Gail Blankenau

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Digging Deeper in German Parish Records

Continue your work in Germanic parish records, with examples and cases that will help you with an array of strategies and situations to help you learn how to bridge the gaps and build your Germanic lineage.


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Presenter: Gail Blankenau

Gail Blankenau is an experienced genealogist, speaker and author. Her publications include articles in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register and The Genealogist. She is also a contributor to Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy magazines. Based in Nebraska, she specializes in Nebraska records, Midwestern roots, German genealogy, land records, 19th-Century photographs and tracing lineages. More than half her ancestors came from New England, but she has roots in almost every state east of the Mississippi.

Gail Blankenau