Introduction to Vivid-Pix RESTORE

Introduction to Vivid-Pix RESTORE

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by Rick Voight

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Introduction to Vivid-Pix RESTORE


Learn about patented artificial intelligence software that improves faded photos and documents.


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Presenter: Rick Voight

Rick’s a lifelong snapshooter, who’s been in the imaging business for a few decades. “Rick, Randy, and a few excellent people” created Vivid-Pix 8 years ago to make it fast, easy and affordable for customers to get and share better images. Vivid-Pix patented, AI software is enjoyed in over 100 countries and borrows from a slogan created a century ago – You click the mouse, We do the rest. A picture says a thousand words, video speaks volumes: At HP, Rick helped create the Retail Publishing Solutions division – connecting home, store and online – delivering photos and gifts in minutes, in an hour, and in a few days. At Kodak, he enjoyed working with just about every class-of-trade, developed relations and promotions with local, regional, national, and international sporting teams, theme parks, and organizations; creating new technologies and revenues. His favorite personal achievements are raising a daughter (with his wife of over 30 years) who is a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and working as a volunteer and board member in multiple non-profit organizations.

Rick Voight
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