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Researching Dutch Family History Around the World

Researching Dutch Family History Around the World

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by Denie Kasan, Maarten Fornerod

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Researching Dutch Family History Around the World


Experts Maarten Fornerod and Denie Kasan give tips and advice on how to research your roots in Surinam and the former Dutch East Indies.


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Presenter: Denie Kasan

Denie Kasan is a seasoned genealogist from the Netherlands who specializes in Surinamese family history. He is skilled in archival research, helping others to find information about their ancestors. He is also involved in the transcription of registers, in order to make them more accessible. In addition he's writing his first book, the family history of the Samson family.

Denie Kasan
Denie Kasan's Webinar Library

Presenter: Maarten Fornerod

Maarten Fornerod is verbonden aan de Indische Genealogische Vereniging, aan ieder die zijn of haar Indische familiegeschiedenis wil ontdekken d.m.v. genealogisch onderzoek. Hij is expert op DNA gebied en als Associate Professor werkzaam voor het Erasmus MC.

Maarten Fornerod