Jewish Genealogy for the Non-Jew: History, Migration, DNA

Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Aug 1, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
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Finding Ancestors
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First Steps and Records
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Jewish Specific Records
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Most people do not know who they are more than a few generations back. Some do know, others suspect, but for the majority of genealogists, it is a surprise when they discover Jewish ancestors. Many of these initial discoveries come from having done a DNA test. What resources are available to those who wish to pursue research in this "new" field? What are the essentials that will help researchers understand their ancestors? What historical events have led to migrations and distance from Jewish ancestry? We will discuss history, migration, essential clues (customs, food, terminology, languages), and much more.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Native New Yorker Schelly Talalay Dardashti has lived in Teheran, Tel Aviv, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and now New Mexico. A journalist and genealogist, she is the US Genealogy Advisor for MyHeritage, and has traced her Ashkenazi, Sephardi and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A great overview – Thank you

    Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing so much!!!


    Amazing presenter! Love the historical perspective of world migration.


    Brilliant webinar with lots of great information to allow people to move forward with their Jewish researches. Excellent!!

    Concise, organized, methodical presentation. Kudos to Schelley.

    excellent – now I need to do more research on my DNA results.

    excellent information

    Excellent presentation.

    excellent speaker – please have her back on topics beyond Sephardic research


    Excellent. Need this type of info to help understand my DNA jewish percentages.

    Extremely helpful overview for getting started with Jewish genealogy.



    Fascinating topic and the handout is very helpful. Thank you!


    Got a lot of learning to do.


    Great information from Schelly!

    Great webinar as I knew little of Jewish research but what a thorough lesson. Better appreciation of the struggles of the people.

    Great webinar on doing Jewish research for the non-Jewish person.

    Great webinar!

    Great webinar! Loved the information about the history of the Jewish peoples.

    I absolutely loved this webinar. I’d love to see a follow-up on this topic that zero’s in on secular records for Jews who assimilated and how to follow the paper trail back to BEFORE they assimilated.

    I am new to Jewish ancestor. My 4th great grandmother was Jewish and I love the research.

    I don’t have any Jewish in my DNA, but my friend does; I’m looking forward to telling her about this webinar. I took notes even though I can view the webinar again. Very interesting info, I was especially intrigued by naming conventions and border/maps changing over time.

    I have a small amount of Ashkenazi DNA. Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Thank you!!

    I knew most of this history but this was a good survey and a good reminder…she is a good speaker

    I learned so much!! Now I can determine what I had suspected, on my Fathers’ side of the family German Jewish and now I can look to actually confirm my suspecisions. On his mothers side both of her parents were from the same area of Germany and both were pottery workers but lived 10 mi apart and were married in New York after both families migrated. I am so excited

    I learnt so much. I’ll have to listen again!

    I m Jewish and this was fascinating. I learned a lot. Excellent!

    I’m not Jewish but I loved the webinar. I Learned so much. Thank you for the very interesting Jewish history.

    Incredible history info … researching my Ashkanazi heritage may have gotten a bit “easier”. Accessing Polish (Austrian, Hungarian) records is frustrating, and I know there are good folks inputting records/info 24/7, somewhere in the world, so I hope mine will eventually show up … or I could just take Schelly w me to Eastern Europe?

    Incredibly informative webinar! Thank you.

    It was great!

    loved it! and learned so much! thank-you!

    Needs to be longer, so much info!

    Quite a learning experience for me. Excellent information.

    She knows SO much on this topic! Awesome webinar!

    She was an outstanding speaker – covered a tremendous amount of information!

    So much information, my head is swimming! Lots to work with.

    So much information. I learned a lot.

    So much information-inspiring

    Such knowledge! I so enjoyed this webinar.

    Thank you for the amazing information. I will go back later & watch it again because of all the info you packed into today’s webinar. I hope in the future you can give follow up sessions on smaller segments as it was almost too much.

    There was a lot of information covered! She iprovided a great deal of ideas for me in my search for my heritage.

    This was a terrific webinar. The history lesson alone was fabulous. Thank you again

    Very good

    Very helpful. My husband’s DNA showed some Jewish and I appreciated learning about this subject.

    Very informative and eye opening.

    Very informative!

    Very informative, I appreciate the Syllabus relating so strongly to her talk. I learned a lot and am ready to get into more research to find out if family stories have some truth, and to share this info with others.

    very informative, loved the history

    very interesting

    Very interesting information.

    Very interesting.

    Very useful and would like a follow-up.

    Well organized and interesting

    Well-organized; well-presented. Interesting. Really gave me some good ideas to help clear my road blocks. Thank you. I’d be interested in other Webinars by Schelly.


    Wonderful presentation!

    Wonderful speaker and content.

    Wow! This was very interesting.

    Wow!! So informative! Wish I had her brain : )

    Wow…that was very informative, learned a lot from this webinar!


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