Brand New - Book Matching Technology at MyHeritage

Brand New - Book Matching Technology at MyHeritage

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by Mike Mansfield

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Brand New - Book Matching Technology at MyHeritage


This webinar presents newly invented technology that allows genealogists to discover amazing content in digitized books. "‹Published books have always been an important source for family historians. A number of book digitization efforts have brought millions of books online and are a gold mine of information that can help us find unknown facts and events that colored the lives of our ancestors. However, searching these online book collections has been difficult and time-consuming. Until now, that is. Register for this free webinar to find out how this technology can boost your family history research.


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Presenter: Mike Mansfield

Mike Mansfield works for as the Director of Content Operations. Previously Mike has worked for and FamilySearch and has been active in the genealogy and family history domain for the last 20 years. Mike has presented at numerous genealogical conferences and symposia in the United States, England, Scandinavia, and Australia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from BYU and a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from Syracuse University.

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