Understanding DNA Matching technology

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Jan 30, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 21s
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Intro to DNA Matching
7m 15s
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DNA Matches Walkthrough
19m 51s
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What's Coming Soon
23m 04s
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Announcements / prizes
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About this webinar

DNA Matching technology is a hot topic in genealogy today. It is an affordable and increasingly reliable method for discovering relatives you never knew you had. DNA Matching technology can indicate possible relationships between you and your DNA Matches, and allow you to learn more from family trees with people who share your DNA. It also allows you to contact those people and collaborate to expand your family history research. In this webinar, you will learn everything you need to know to make the most of DNA Matching technology. 

About the speaker

About the speaker

MyHeritage is the leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Our platform and DNA kits make it easy for anyone, anywhere to embark on a meaningful journey into their past and treasure their family stories fo
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Nice to have the experts giving us advice and showing how to manage our DNA. I learned a lot.

    One of the best I have attended

    One of the best, if not the best, webnairs. It was easy to understand and very informative.

    One of the most helpful webinars re what to do after receiving DNA matches.

    Outstanding visuals accompanying the webinar. I have had my DNA uploaded to MyHeritage for a couple of months, and now I feel I have a grip on how to use it effectively.

    Previous to this webinar I did not feel MyHeritage was very useful, but boy my opinion has changed! Super excited about the upcoming one-to-many chromosome browser!! Thanks and good job!

    Really great speaker and tempo!

    So impressed with My Heritage and with this excellent webinar. Thank you.

    So much going on at My Heritage! I loved hearing about all that is still to come. Thanks!

    So much great info on MyHeritage DNA and the site!

    Teeeeriffic !!

    Thank you for the new information as to uploading multiple files.

    Thank you, for the up to the minute news!

    THANKS so much to MyHeritage for this information and for allowing FREE DNA uploads to their website! Can’t wait for those matches!! As always, a GREAT webinar!

    The chromosome browser will be very interesting and useful. Something Ancestry refuses to develop. Thanks

    The webinar answered a lot of questions I had about the DNA process and how it works.

    This gives me a better understanding of what I need to do to try to identify my mother’s birth father. Thank you!

    This helped me understand DNA more and am thinking about uploading my DNA to MyHeritage. Thanks.

    This is probably the best webinar about DNA that I have attended. It was very easy to understand. Really liked how Ran showed us his information and how to use the results, making it easier to comprehend the different parts of the DNA and how we are related to our families. Can’t thank you enough! We have taken several different tests and knew we could upload our results but didn’t know how and wasn’t sure how some of the relationships worked. Was so glad to see the ease with My Heritage. Thanks again!!

    This makes me excited about sending my DNA to them and finding new relatives! Thanks for making it available.

    This was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC! Thanks!

    This was my 1st MyHeritage webinar – quite impressed and will come back for more. I’ll look into uploading my Ancestry.com DNA data. Thank you very much.

    This was terrific! Can’t wait for the 1 to many chromosome browser!!!

    Very appreciative of the easy-to-understand procedures, looking forward to diving into the DNA matching once our tests are done.

    Very good explanation. I will try to get my ancestry DNA uploaded today

    Very good information and I’m impressed with MyHeritage DNA features.

    Very good seminar. I am glad I am a MyHeritage member now and will be taking advantage of several items discussed.

    Very helpful explanation of how to use the MyHeritage site. Great news that contacting messages is now free!

    Very helpful. I have uploaded my raw DNA to My Heritage so get frequent reminders of possible matches of distant relatives. I’m anxious to look for the Estimated Relationship Details link so I can better understand the term Removed.

    Very informative. My first webinar and I learned so much. Thanks!

    Very informative. I like that I will be able to upload my autosomal DNA results from another company to see what other analysis will show.

    Very interesting and informative. Will upload DNA to My Heritage soon. Mine and my sons. Really excited to see what it shows.

    Very interesting material on DNA and My Heritage

    Very interesting. I like the format of the reports.

    Very nice to hear about all the updates on My Heritage and the matches that are now happening!

    Very practical. Like the advance peek at what’s coming.

    Very professional and informative. I am very impressed and plan on uploading my DNA file results right away. Thank you!

    very useful information happy to see what my heritage is doing. I will probably upload my results.

    Very well done explanation of DNA by Heritage

    Very well done. Will be uploading my DNA results and also purchasing a kit. Thank you!

    Waiting for my DNA results from Living DNA and Ancestry…..hope to upload to My Heritage and perhaps try this product, as well!

    was great learning more about how MyHeritage DNA works and how to look at results

    Wonderful, another reason to get family members to get a DNA test. Thank you MyHeritage…

    You convinced me to give it a try.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    A brilliant webinar with lots of information to review for moving forward with my family history researches.

    A difficult subject. Will take time and study to be able to use effectively but worth it because it is so powerful. My Heritage seems to be way ahead of the pack in development.

    A great webinar. And love, love, love all the options available for DNA results.

    A lot of very new information, eg, One to Many upcoming. I will spread the word to my fellow genealogists about the free uploads and contacting matches. I’m impressed!

    A whole new perspective

    amazing webinar today. Learned so much about My Heritage. Glad for all the updates.

    another awesome presentation! Thank you!

    Answered tons of questions in this webinar about Heritage. Great!

    Best presentation of all the many webinars about DNA testing that I have seen by far is this one

    can’t wait to upload my 23and me results. I have been so disappointed with 23and me (after spending $200 each on both my husband and myself). MyHeritage seems like it will link people together rather than giving information that is useless; i.e., you probably have red hair — I already know that.

    Clear, concise, hopeful, warm and friendly. It was wonderful.

    Congratulations to MyHeritage! The new updates are a boon to genealogists.

    DNA research just gets better and better.

    Enjoyed learning how to use the features of the DNA reports that I did not know about — all the little tabs and icons and what they do. Very helpful !! Also gained valuable understanding about chromosome matching and narrowing down searching to maternal or paternal branches. Thanks !!

    Enjoyed the presentation and information. Provided a better understanding of dna matching. Excellent presentation and presenter did wonderful job explaining.

    Especially interesting were the Q&A about upcoming changes. Love the thought of a one-to-many chromosome browser. I may buy some of my next kits from MH!

    Excellent and I’ll try to upload my raw results from three other companies to MyHeritage

    Excellent information and I look forward to spending more time on MyHeritage.

    Excellent overview of DNA for those who are not advanced in scientific lingo. Easy to understand.

    Excellent seminar and explanation of system. I’m learning to love MyHeritage more and more as I’m a new subscriber!!!

    Excellent Webinar by Ran Snir. Thank you for providing a clear and easy way to understand shared chromosomes. I never could really understand it before but now I do. A 5 rating for sure!

    Excellent! The presenter did a great job of making DNA understandable!

    Excited about the upcoming one to many chromosome browser!

    Good info. Really interested in what MyHeritage will implement next!!

    Good to know what MyHeritage now provides. Much more than Ancestry.com provides. Thank you.

    Great infor and I have uploaded my DNA – so exciting that I finally understand what to do with my DNA! Keep up the good work!

    Great presentation – direct from the horse’s mouth so to speak – Thank You!!

    great visual presentation, thank you, it clarified questions I had about MyHeritage

    Great. I will be uploading my DNA right away. Super information and as a MyHeritage member I will be following the DNA tab. Thanks Geoff!

    Having an expert do a walk-through is invaluable. Thank you for making this available!

    Having recently received my “MyHeritage” DNA results, I really enjoyed today’s webinar, and picked up ‘tips’ about what I see on the website representation of these results. It also excites me to hear what is in the “pipeline” from MyHeritage.

    I am so glad I purchased Myheritage dna kit 1st. Excited about the features as was presented by the webinar speaker. I am hoping the relationship with Geni.com in terms of collaborative work expands. So excited I subscribed to Legacy Family Tree since 2017. These webinars have been phenomenal! I hope the collaborative work with Myheritage continues to expand as well. Great job!

    I enjoyed this one the most of all. The speaker has a very nice way of presenting information. I learned more that I think I will retain this time.

    I expected a sales pitch but found it more of a “how to use” which was well done

    I had TONS of questions answered about My Heritage! Thank you for always striving for excellence.

    I LOVE all these new tools that MyHeritage is providing. This is an awesome company!

    I really appreciated clear and concise presentation and very knowledgeable and forthright answers to all questions posed. Thank you!

    Looks like the giant in the industry is changing!!!!

    LOVE the new features and ones coming soon! That one-to-many was mind blowing. So visual.

    Many questions were answered that had been puzzling me. I am more and more impressed with the features of MyHeritage.

    MyHeritage continues to be very impressive in their constant advancement and expansion within the Genealogy world!


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