Unusual Ohio Courthouse Records (BONUS webinar for subscribers)


Unusual Ohio Courthouse Records (BONUS webinar for subscribers)

by Jana Sloan Broglin   | 34 minutes   |   Intermediate   |   October 1, 2015   |   Ohio   |

Searching in a courthouse can make us feel that we are good genealogists, covering all the records and using them to the fullest extent. This lecture will show the records that may be overlooked or even unknown to the researcher. Tips will be included on how to analyze information gleaned from records.

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Presenter: Jana Sloan Broglin

Jana Sloan Broglin, OGSF is a native of northwestern Ohio. She is a professional genealogist with over 35 years experience. She specializes in research in Ohio. Jana became a Certified Genealogist in November 2005. In April 2011, she became a Fellow of the Ohio Genealogical Society. Both result in the additions of CG and OGSF after her name. In November 2000, she received the title of Kentucky Colonel for the books she published on Kentucky wills and estates. She is a past director for the Federation of Genealogical Societies. She is a past trustee for the Ohio Genealogical Society serving over 20 years on the board. Jana has been a speaker on genealogical topics at local, state, regional, and national conferences.

Jana Sloan Broglin