An Irish-Ukrainian Case Study

An Irish-Ukrainian Case Study

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by Regina Negrycz

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An Irish-Ukrainian Case Study


This presentation was originally given as part of Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2019.


Sometimes it is simple to tell which side of the family a DNA match is on via the surnames, other times not. This presentation will show examples identifying a match’s relationship for two different ethnicities. The case study will also illustrate the identification of the relationship for a Y-DNA match using autosomal DNA.



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Presenter: Regina Negrycz

I began attending DNA lectures in 2014. My first instructor knew the topic very well, but skipped over portions of the explanations, so I would continually ask questions. From there, I attended every DNA lecture and webinar possible. While lunching with my genealogy society in October 2015, I decided to begin leading a DNA Special Interest Group, the first of its kind in Florida. The group was widely received. I’ve tweaked it over the years to included one-on-one sessions and it has now morphed into online sessions with limited attendance, again the first of its kind in Florida. I will be extending these online sessions in January 2020 to the general public. She blogs at

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