The Quest for your English Ancestors

The Quest for your English Ancestors

by Claire V. Brisson-Banks

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The Quest for your English Ancestors

Got English ancestors? Don't miss this webinar by Claire Brisson-Banks, an accredited genealogist (AG) in English research. English civil, church, and census records make doing research back to 1837 feasible. Pre-1837 research requires more skill and a greater knowledge of the variety of little-known resources which can take you back to the 1600’s and earlier. Add to that the variety of Internet resources and English research becomes a joy to perform.


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Presenter: Claire V. Brisson-Banks

Claire V. Brisson-Banks, B.S. MLIS, A.G.®, is accredited in England, and Mountain States, a professional researcher for US/Canada, Scotland and Web 2.0 technology. Currently she is a Family History Professor for BYU-Idaho’s online Family History Program. She was a British Isles Consultant and a Technology Specialist for the Family History Library, SLC, UT. She is a Trustee for ISBGFH and a member of multiple societies. She has various Family History Series on Hang-outs through You Tube and has multiple Family History articles in various blogs as well as academic articles. She is the author of The Social Media Guide for Ancestral Research: Using Web 2.0 Strategies. Her website is

Claire V. Brisson-Banks