Researching Your Irish Ancestors: Beyond the Basics

Researching Your Irish Ancestors: Beyond the Basics

by Judith Eccles Wight

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Researching Your Irish Ancestors: Beyond the Basics

As difficult as Irish research is, we can overcome its hurdles if we have a better understanding of the idiosyncrasies of Irish given names, surnames, and place names. Our speaker, Judy Wight, solved the case of Delia Holland - in Ireland she was known as Bridget Houlihan. This webinar discusses situations you may encounter with names and places and provides resources for overcoming these problems.


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Presenter: Judith Eccles Wight

Owner of Wight House Research, Judy has been an Accredited Genealogist specializing in Ireland (30+ years) and Scotland (10+ years).  She writes extensively for genealogical periodicals and is a popular teacher and lecturer at genealogical events.  She worked 10 years as a reference consultant at the Family History Library and has vast research experience in the British Isles, U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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