Home for the Holidays - Tips for Collecting Family History Date Presented

Get the family photos out of shoe boxes or from the back of the closet…it is a perfect time for grandparents to get the next generation involved. Start your children or grandchildren on a lifelong journey by telling your story and introducing them to family history. And don't forget you can easily add Aunt Betty’s recipes to the family cookbook. Students love these when they go off to college and they also make great wedding gifts. You will learn how to recognize and capture those great pieces from family history.

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Friday, December 6, 2013
Presenter : Diane Miller

Diane Miller is currently a Technical Marketing Manager and Account Manager at Couragent. She is a “Tech Chick” and artist as well as the creator of the popular Flip-Pal Sketch Kit.

Presenter : Gordon Nuttall

A Denver native, Gordon Nuttall is a published author, innovation presenter, and highly-driven entrepreneur.  He has founded two other small businesses and four non-profits, one of them the Glen Haven Historical Society.  His vision from the inception of Couragent as an intentional purpose-based enterprise based on the five core values of Courage, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, and Care continues to shape Couragent’s operation, performance, and work environment. From Gordon’s own precious family time comes a wealth of ideas to share and preserve wonderful memories.

Presenter : Lisa Milner

Lisa is the director of sales and marketing for Couragent, Inc. the creator of Flip-Pal mobile scanner suite of products, providing marketing, brand, launch, event, affiliate recruiting, partner management and media relations.