Creating a Shareable CD with Legacy and Passage Express software

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Creating a Shareable CD with Legacy and Passage Express software

Want to share your work with the relatives? Watch how easy it is for Legacy users to create professional multimedia CD's to pass around at your next family function. The Passage Express software (standard edition included with Legacy) includes slideshows, royalty-free music, an impressive menu designer, and lots more. It's always a good idea to back up your work. Why not get your family excited about their ancestry at the same time? Who knows, you may get offers to help with your genealogy work! Join Passage Express developer, Jefferson Shupe, for this 90 minute webinar. We'll also have great door prizes to give away!


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Presenter: Jefferson Shupe

Jefferson is the principal programmer of Passage Express software. He has been fascinated with software engineering from a young age. Raised in Utah, he comes from a heritage of genealogists and family historians. 


When his mother, Loretta, completed a personal history of her parents, she wanted a way to share digital copies of the book and pictures to go along with printed copies. She wanted something nicer to hand out than files on a backup CD.  Jon (father) envisioned a nice user-friendly menu and interface to access the files. Jefferson then created a custom menu and picture viewing application for that project. Soon requests came in from people asking to be able to do the same with their own projects. Accommodating them was the birth of Passage Express software.

Jefferson Shupe